Flood bypasses

Flood hazards and the corresponding bypasses

In some places there may be restrictions during flooding of the Ruhr. For some areas there are therefore map sections with simple bypasses available. You can find them here subdivided by the cities where floods are expected.

Flood bypass in Arnsberg Auf den Kämpen
If the area after the Twiete bridge in the direction of Neheim is flooded, the flood-prone area can be bypassed via the streets "Auf den Kämpen" and Mühlenstraße. The Jägerbrücke leads across the Ruhr to the RuhrtalRadweg. The further course is via Tiergartenstraße.
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Flood bypass in Arnsberg - Obereimer
If the RuhrtalRadweg in Alt-Arnsberg is flooded after passing under the railroad viaduct (Arnsberger Burgweg) in the direction of Neheim, this area can be bypassed without any problems. Before the railroad viaduct, turn left across Tiergartenstraße. At the end of the street turn right into the street "Unterm Römberge". Follow the road until you reach the railroad underpass, which you cross underneath and finally drive around the flooded area via the streets "Obereimer" and "Hammerweide". The connection is made at the Hammerweide bridge.
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Flood bypass in Arnsberg-Neheim - Binnerfeld
Between the town hall and BergheimerWeg/Mendener Straße, there are various options for crossing the Ruhr to return to the RuhrtalRadweg or to reach downtown Neheim.
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Flood bypass in Arnsberg-Neheim - Echthauser Straße
If the section between Rathausplatz and Haus Füchten should be flooded, there is the alternative option along the western bank of the Ruhr. The bypass is via the Ruhr bridge at Neheim-Hüsten station and Berliner Platz (school and sports center). Afterwards one drives over an independent footpath and cycle track and the Jahnallee up to the Bergheimer Weg. From here you follow the long-distance cycle path R12 to the road junction B7/Echthauser Straße (L732). The further guidance is via Echthauser Straße in the direction of Wickede.
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Flood bypass at Harkortsee
If the Strandweg on the north bank of the Harkortsee is flooded, the flood-prone area can be bypassed by changing to the south side of the Ruhr along the B 54 as early as Herdecke. On the south side of the Harkortsee you then go under the Ruhr viaduct to the Wasserschloss Werdringen. Then you have to turn left and right again to cross the railroad line before you switch back to the north bank of the Ruhr along the B 226 and meet the RuhrtalRadweg again in Wetter, which runs below the B 226 bridge.
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Flood bypass in Schwerte
Critical here are especially the depression at the driveway to the Wandhofen sports field and the lowered access from the Schwerte canoe club to the Ruhr. A bypass is possible via Hagener Straße. The use of the sidewalks is given free for cyclists.
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Flood bypass in Hattingen - Bochum/Dahlhausen
If it is no longer possible to pass under the Ruhr bridge on the B51, the bypass is through the city of Hattingen. Until the Ruhr is reached again at the Winzer Ruhrbogen, there are largely bike paths. If it is still "land under" at the Winzer Ruhrbogen, you have to continue on the roadway until you reach the signposted flood bypass in the direction of Essen in the left-hand bend to Niederwenigern.
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Flood bypass in Essen (Heisinger Ruhraue)
If the RuhrtalRadweg in Essen Rellinghausen is flooded after crossing the traffic lights at the Konrad-Adenauer-Brücke, you can easily follow the wide, roadside cycle path in the direction of Baldeneysee. This leads back to the main route after three kilometers. Here there is a speedometer calibration section where the accuracy of the odometer can be checked.
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Water levels

You can check the current water level of different parts of the Ruhr online at http://www.talsperrenleitzentrale-ruhr.de/online-daten/gewaesserpegel/. There is also an electronic water level indicator on site, which you can find at the railroad bridge in the Hattingen Ruhraue.

Only for the flooding of the cycle path in the area Bochum/Dahlhausen - Essen/Horst are certain empirical values available. Here, first obstructions are to be expected from a water level of about 250 cm (gauge Hattingen).

With the help of the webcams of the Ruhrverband you can also always get an up-to-date picture of some places in the Ruhrgebiet: https: //ruhrverband.de/fluesse-seen/webcams/

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