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RuhrtalRadweg / Tourenplanung / Aktuelle Streckenhinweise

From time to time, the RuhrtalRadweg also has constructionroad works. We have collected all known measures here, so that you can inform yourself in advance. can inform you in advance. On site, detours are always set up and signposted. The detours are not included in the GPX track to avoid confusion due to too many different GPX tracks in circulation.

Should it come to HochwasRuhr, you will find the corresponding flood detours here.

Arnsberg-Oeventrop: New construction of Dinscheder Bridge

In Arnsberg-Oeventrop, the Dinscheder bridge over the Ruhr is expected to be rebuilt until the end of 2023. The Ruhr can be crossed via a parallel temporary bridge. The detour is signposted, more information can be found on the website of Strassen.NRW.


Alternative routing: Iserlohn

In Iserlohn there may be short-term closures on the main route of the RuhrtalRadweg. An alternative route is signposted locally and leads via the districts of Hennen and Rheinen or via junctions 30, 29, 27 to 25. From here, the RuhrtalRadweg follows the previous course again.

In the long term, the RuhrtalRadweg will be relocated here closer to the Ruhr; planning is already underway.

Umleitungsskizze Iserlohn

Wickede (Ruhr): Renaturation of the Ruhr River

Due to the renaturation of the Ruhr, the direct river bank path between Ringstr. and Am Kraftwerk (incl. KP 81) will be closed from August 22, 2022 until probably summer 2023. The detour in this area will be signposted approximately parallel to the railroad or through the town (observe one-way traffic regulations!).

Umleitungsskizze Wickede (Ruhr)


As part of the construction of the new "Seepark Hengsteysee", the RuhrtalRadweg has to be closed on a stretch of 500 meters for probably one year. The short detour is signposted on site. From summer 2024 you will find an attractive new leisure offer directly at the RuhrtalRadweg.

Umleitungsskizze RuhrtalRadweg in Hagen am Hengsteysee

Oberhausen-Alstaden: Railroad bridge and Ruhr bridge

Since January until probably the end of 2023, the RuhrtalRadweg at the railroad underpass of Speldorf Str. is closed due to extensive construction work of the DB. Likewise, the RuhrtalRadweg can already be temporarily closed further south (downstream from the A40) due to further work on the Ruhr bridges of the railroad. Detour northeast in the arc through the residential areas. ATTENTION: Also the bridge of the Kewerstr. over the railroad, which is used as a detour, is to be closed soon. Unfortunately, neither the city of Oberhausen nor we have more detailed information on closure times and detours.

Umleitungsskizze RuhrtalRadweg in Oberhausen-Alstaden

New destination RuhrtalRadweg

Infoschild mit Umleitungshinweis an der Emmericher Straße in Duisburg zum vorübergehenden Endpunkt des RuhrtalRadwegs

Infoschild am vorübergehenden Endpunkt des RuhrtalRadwegs

Due to construction work on the Karl Lehr Bridge in Duisburg-Kasslerfeld, there will be a closure of several years at the end of the RuhrtalRadweg under the bridge at Ruhrorter Straße. Unfortunately, the large-scale car bridge renovation is beyond our control and a bike path has to take a back seat to such projects. Since all possible bypasses were not optimal and attractive and do not meet the requirements of a 4* quality cycle path, the RuhrtalRadweg will be rerouted for the several years of the major construction site.

The new route now branches off at Emmericher Straße and leads via Duisburg-Duissern directly to the humpback bridge in Duisburg's inner harbor, where you can end your tour in comfort at one of the numerous restaurants. The route has been specially re-signposted, and some sections have even been newly asphalted. In addition, tourist information boards with overview maps have been installed. With this new, temporary destination point you get a touristic attractive conclusion of your tour. For all those who would like to continue cycling to the Rhine orange, there are also route suggestions from the inner harbor to the mouth of the Ruhr (can also be seen on the two signs on site):

Umleitungsskizze neues Ende des RuhrtalRadwegs in Duisburg am Innenhafen mit Route zur Skulptur Rheinorange

We do not have any further information at the moment.

We wish you a safe journey!

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