How to orientate yourself on site

General information about signposting

It is almost the most important thing on a bicycle tour: the signposting. Although many cyclists are already on the road with navigation systems (sometimes on their smartphones) and others still swear by paper maps, a classic signpost is the fastest way to find your way. So that you already know before your cycling trip what to look out for on site, we explain to you here what the signposting on the RuhrtalRadweg looks like.

What signs are there and what do they look like?

The RuhrtalRadweg runs on cycle paths of the NRW cycle path network, which you can recognize by the typical red and white signs. There are different types of signs, which can be found at different points.

Beschilderung des RuhrtalRadwegs

Besides the signposting, there is also tourist signposting. Town information signs show you the most important sights, hosts and cycling services in the respective town.

Paar mit Fahrrädern vor einer Stadtinformationstafel auf dem RuhrtalRadweg in Arnsberg

Where can I find which signs?

Main signposts:

Beschilderung des RuhrtalRadwegs in Form eines Pfeilwegweisers mit RuhrtalRadweg Logo

In the NRW cycling network, you will find so-called arrow signs with destination and distance information at all intersections where cycling routes branch off.

Along the RuhrtalRadweg you should always find our well-known logo as an insertion badge, which indicates that you should follow them.

Intermediate signposts:

Beschilderung des RuhrtalRadwegs in Form eines Zwischenwegweisers

Between these crossing points you simply follow the neutral intermediate signs. They always mean: "all bike routes this way"!

The RuhrtalRadweg logo is intentionally not shown there, because on the vast majority of routes other bike routes also run with their own logos.

City information signs:

The tourist town information signs can usually be found at the entrances to towns or other places in the neighboring communities. In addition to a map of the respective city, they also contain further information such as places of interest and partner businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bicycle services, etc.

Stadtinformationsschild in Olsberg auf dem RuhrtalRadweg, an dem ein Paar auf Fahrrädern vorbei fährt

What to do if a sign is missing, twisted or damaged?

Whether it's a storm or vandalism, sometimes a sign doesn't look the way it should. If you encounter a twisted or damaged sign on your tour, we would appreciate a little information. For this purpose, you will find a hotline number on every signpost with the RuhrtalRadweg logo, to which you can send information about damaged or missing signs. Please also indicate the cadastral number of the signpost. Your call helps to keep the signposting in good condition.

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