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RuhrtalRadweg rangers

Our cyclists have been assisted by rangers on their tour since spring 2007.

RuhrtalRadweg Ranger in Arnsberg

Arnsberg area

In the Hochsauerlandkreis, in the Arnsberg area, rangers are on the road on the RuhrtalRadweg to support cyclists with words and deeds. This support for cyclists is organized by Neue Arbeit Arnsberg.

The rangers look after the needs of cyclists seven days a week by bicycle. They can make a large contribution to the well-being of the guests, by giving orientation assistance if necessary, taking over small services and making sure that signposting and path condition are in order.
The rangers are responsible for the constant control of the route, the repair and replacement of damaged signs, the pruning of disturbing bushes, the removal of garbage at the edge of the path, assistance in case of breakdowns and initial information for cycle tourists. These services are very much appreciated by the RuhrtalRadweg cyclists.

All contact information of the ranger team and further information can be found here:
Contact the RuhrtalRadweg rangers in Arnsberg.

The manifold tasks can only be fulfilled with good equipment. This includes not only the equipment with bicycles, but also weatherproof clothing with logo, a breakdown kit, first aid kit, garden shears, garbage bags, cleaning agents, but also information material as well as luggage bags and a cell phone. In Arnsberg important partners could be won with the company Heinz Kettler GmbH & CO kg and the two-wheel dealer Wierleuker for the pilot project already, which made available not only the bicycles, but also the clothing for the Ranger. Further information under

Eastern to central Ruhrgebiet area

Ruhrtal rangers are also in action in the Ruhrgebiet, riding the route between Hagen's Hengsteysee and Bochum-Dahlhausen on the RuhrtalRadweg every day.

All contact information of the ranger team and further information can be found here:
Contact to the RuhrtalRadweg Rangers in the Ruhrgebiet

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