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Bike service on the RuhrtalRadweg

Whether you're looking to hire a bike or need a quick repair in the event of a breakdown, you're in good hands with these bike professionals.


Meschede, Fahrradhandel und Verleih Hegener
Bicycle store Hegener
Sauerland BIKE relies on bicycles with electric motor drive, namely from Sauerland production of the company KETTLER! The top maintained bikes are offered with full battery in the tourist information centers of the Sauerland in the cycling season from March to October already from one day for rent. The range per battery charge is about 70 to 80 km.
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Arnsberg, Zweirad Wierleuker
Two-wheeler Wierleuker
Your partner in Arnsberg-Neheim for everything around bicycles and e-bikes.
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Außenansicht der Radstation in Schwerte
Schwerte bike station
Schwerte opened the latest RADSTATION in the Unna district in the three-winged complex of the station in spring 2011. Here, not only commuters in the direction of Dortmund, Hamm, Hagen or Arnsberg find a safe transfer from the bike to the train. Bicycle tourists can get on or off the Ruhrtal Cycle Path or the Kaiser Route here. A total of 66 parking spaces guarantee the best conditions for relaxed cycling through the green Ruhrauen. Schwerte offers bicycle-friendly overnight accommodations and a variety of gastronomy for a stay. The Ruhr meadows in the south of the city, which as a water catchment area provide drinking water for about 1 million people in the eastern Ruhrgebiet, are a popular destination for excursions.
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Herdecke, Radstation Herdecke
Bike station Herdecke
The Herdecke bike station at Zweibrücker Hof is a service unit of the Wittener Gesellschaft für Arbeit und Beschäftigungsförderung mbh. Within the scope of the workshop operation, smaller services such as tube changes or inspections are carried out.
In addition, the bike station appeals to the citizens of Herdecke to donate two-wheelers, bicycle accessories or bicycle trailers that are no longer needed. The employees are happy to pick up the donations. The proceeds will go to the bike station project in order to continue to support and employ the long-term unemployed at the bike station in the future.
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Witten, Radstation Witten am Hbf.
Witten bike station at the main train station.
From the train or bus directly onto the bicycle saddle - the Wabe makes this possible.
A large bike station at Witten's main train station, another one in Herdecke's city center and 29 bike parking boxes (Bikey) in Witten-Zentrum and Annen-Nord make it possible to cleverly combine local transportation and bicycles. Whether for everyday use or leisure, the car can stay at home.
The Wabe bike stations are open to customers all year round. They provide dry and, above all, safe parking spaces right next to the local public transport system. The bike boxes that Wabe and VRR jointly operate in Witten can also be used non-stop.
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Hattingen, Fahrräder Hecken
Bicycles hedges
Since 2008 in the middle of Hattingen city center.
It primarily offers a large selection of electric bikes with corresponding extensive expert advice and the opportunity to test ride all models. In addition, there are touring and trekking bikes, children's bikes and a wide range of accessories.
For bike travelers, the fast repair service and bike rental is particularly interesting.
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Essen, E-Bike Verleih Seaside Beach Lageplan
E-bike rental Seaside Beach
The e-bike rental Seaside Beach is located directly at the Baldeneysee - only 10 meters away from the bike path.
The perfect start to your tour, whether around the lake or along the RuhrtalRadweg.
Free parking - rental & guided group tours - charging station
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Oberhausen, Radstation Oberhausen Hauptbahnhof
Radstation Oberhausen Hauptbahnhof
An unserem Standort in Oberhausen verfürgen wir über mehr als 30 Mieträder, die wir gerne ab 7,00 € am Tag verleihen. Zudem können wir kleine Plannen aber auch größere Schäden in der Regel sofort erledigen, so dass Ihr Eure Tour entlang des RuhrtalRadwegs schnell fortsetzen können.
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Ein Fahrrad wird an einer Radstation repariert
Duisburg main station bike station.
The bike station offers 450 parking spaces and a workshop run by specialist staff.
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