Anreise mit der Bahn

RuhrtalRadweg / Tourenplanung / Arrival / Anreise mit der Bahn

Arrival by train

Eine Gruppe junger Frauen steigt mit ihren Fahrrädern aus dem Zug aus.

From Dortmund, the RE 57 takes you directly to the starting point of the RuhrtalRadweg in Winterberg (Winterberg(Westf) stop) without changing trains.

Monday to Fridayfrom Dortmund main station every 60 minutes from 6.41 a.m. to 8.41 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: from Dortmund main station every 60 minutes from 7.41 a.m. to 7.41 p.m. o'clock

Our tips:

  • The current carriage order of each train is shown on the digital displays on the platforms, in the electronic travel information system and in DB Navigator. This allows you to see where the bicycle compartments are located before the train arrives
  • Experience shows that on weekends and public holidays, trains are particularly busy in the morning hours. So if you are able to arrive at midday or in the afternoon, this option offers you a more relaxed journey due to less busy trains.

Days with a high demand for bicycle spaces

Please note that many passengers with bicycles use this line during the cycling season from April to October. The carriage of bicycles cannot be guaranteed. This generally depends on the space available.
On weekends and around public holidays in May and June, as well as during the vacations in NRW, experience has shown that there are particularly large numbers of cyclists. On these days, additional capacity is sometimes provided on the trains and additional buses with bicycle trailers run.

Alternative train journey without changing at Dortmund main station

The RE 17 from Hagen in the direction of Warburg runs parallel to the RE 57 from Dortmund between Fröndenberg and Bestwig. For cyclists traveling from the south, it is advisable to travel from Cologne to Hagen to avoid changing trains at Dortmund's busy main station. From Hagen, you can take the RE 17 to the Sauerland and then change trains in Olsberg to reach Winterberg.

Notes on rail travel and bicycle transportation

  • Bicycle spaces on the RE 57 between Dortmund Hbf and Winterberg: at least 36 spaces.
  • Bicycle parking spaces on the RE 17 between Hagen and Warburg (or Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe): 36 spaces

Please help to use the available capacity on the trains as space-savingly as possible by observing the following instructions:

  • Please stagger your bikes (one in the direction of travel, the next in the opposite direction).
  • Secure your bike with the available roller straps and lock it.
  • Please remove your luggage bags before the start of the journey and take them with you to your seat. All fixed seats have luggage racks above the seats.
  • Please do not use the free folding seats next to your bike, but try to find a seat in the other compartments of the train. This way, more bikes can be transported in the multi-purpose compartment.
  • Discuss with your fellow passengers whose bike needs to be unloaded before Winterberg. As a rule, almost everyone travels to the terminus. There is enough time to unload the bikes.

Telephone information from Deutsche Bahn AG

If you have any questions about taking bicycles with you, please call the Deutsche Bahn service number: 030 2970
For timetable information and information on tickets and prices, call:
0800-6504030 (24 hours / free of charge)

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