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You would like to get more detailed information about the RuhrtalRadweg?

Besides the free flyers and brochures, we recommend you the travel catalogs of Sauerland with many interesting addresses and tips for the Sauerland.

If you want to take additional maps with you on your trip, we recommend:

... the Kompakt-Spiralo of the BVA Bielefelder Verlag. It offers an optimal orientation on the RuhrtalRadweg. In a practical format (23x12 cm), it provides not only clear maps at a scale of 1:50,000, but also detailed tourist information, info addresses and tips. Including a current tour guide with all information about accommodation and service you get the compact Spiralo for only 9.95 euros.

... Bruckmann's cycle guide by Mathias Eickhoff. It describes the RuhrtalRadweg divided into 16 daily stages on 192 pages with lots of helpful information and insider tips. Including a map part on a scale of 1:75,000, the cycling guide is available for only 10.00 euros.

... the cycle travel guide "RuhrtalRadweg" by Mathias Eickhoff, because it combines the advantages of a richly illustrated book with the practical tips of a tour and travel guide. The book is the "all-round carefree package" for every cycling vacation on the Ruhr. Coupled with many atmospheric pictures of the RuhrtalRadweg, the cycling guide is available for 13.00 euros.

... The Ruhr - River of Hearts. From the source to the mouth by Tanja Breukelchen. For the author, who grew up in the Ruhrgebiet, the river is home and a place of longing. Her book invites readers to explore the Ruhrgebiet along its namesake river. The guidebook is available for 18.00 euros.

All accompanying materials are available

  • in bookstores
  • at local tourist information offices
  • conveniently via our online store
  • via our information and booking hotline: 01806 18 16 30 (0.20 EUR/connection from all German networks)

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