Inspired by the Ruhr and nature, the teachings of Pastor Kneipp found their way into the town early on - in any case, Olsberg is a vacation resort for young and old, shaped by the course of the Ruhr.

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In this water-rich area with the healthy forest air, hiking and recreation are very important. There are more than 50 mountains in the town area, including the Langenberg, which is the highest mountain in North Rhine-Westphalia at 843 m above sea level. Due to differences in altitude of up to 530 m, the mountain and valley scenery in the Olsberg area appears particularly imposing and always offers great views.

"Hiking.Water.Well-being" is the motto of the 39 km long Kneipp hiking trail, which is unique in this form with its six natural treading points. The annual Kneipp health week, the AquaOlsberg with its Kneipp box and the large sauna garden as well as the spa park characterize the philosophy and tradition of Kneipp in Olsberg.

But also in terms of history and culture Olsberg has a lot to offer. For example, a stately collection of castles reminds us of the Cologne electors who went hunting here hundreds of years ago. Even then, the accommodations were comfortable - today, typical Sauerland hospitality still awaits behind many neat facades. Experiencing also means relaxing. The imposing Bruchhauser Steine, the all-weather toboggan run, the AquaOlsberg or the regeneration therapy according to Aslan become the epitome of relaxation in Olsberg.

A truly Kneipp pleasure awaits its visitors in the newly designed Kneipp ErlebnisPark Olsberg: at ten Kneipp rest stops, the five elements according to Kneipp can be experienced with all senses.

Always along the Kneipp AktivWeges and the rivers Ruhr and Gierskopp, the feel-good route leads to the Kneipp herb garden. Feeling, smelling, and tasting are all welcome here and in the neighboring meadow orchard.

The route continues to the historic Kneipp Park Dr. Grüne with a Kneipp facility built into a pond, a barefoot path and relaxation islands. This is followed by the RastOrt Generationenpark: a large Abenteuerspielplatz for the little ones and a nearby exercise course for the older ones.

Along the young Ruhr, the route continues to the district of Bigge, to the renaturalized Ruhrauen and to the Lebensgarten of the Josefsheim.

Certainly Olsberg is unique in the implementation of Kneip's teachings.

(Text: Tourismus Brilon Olsberg GmbH)

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