Discover the lively district and university town of Meschede! From relaxing hours at the Hennesee to the cozy hustle and bustle in the pedestrian zone: everything comes together in Meschede.

Klausenberg in Meschede

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Meschede is the district town of the Hochsauerland district and lies directly at the foot of the Hennesee. The landscapes of the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park and the Homert extend around the attractive shopping town.

The region around the Hennesee is fascinating at any time of year thanks to its beautiful location in the middle of extensive forests. The vacation region delights hikers on the Meschede Höhenwanderweg or the Bestwig Panoramaweg and impresses with beautiful villages such as Eversberg with its historic town center, Freienohl with the Küppelturm or Remblinghausen with its old sawmill.

The nearby Ruhr-Valme-Elpe valley is home to the Fort Fun leisure park and the Sauerland visitor mine, two of the Sauerland's biggest public attractions. In addition, the only natural waterfall in North Rhine-Westphalia - the "Plästerlegge" - is located not far from the village of Wasserfall. Also worth seeing are the Eversberg local history museum and the Burgruine Eversberg ruins, which serve as a lookout tower over the Ruhrtal valley for hikers.

From hotels to vacation homes - in Meschede you will find numerous accommodation options for a relaxing vacation.

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