Menden presents itself with its more than 56,000 inhabitants as a successful mixture of tradition and modernity. Due to its optimal location between the Ruhrgebiet metropolitan region and the Sauerland recreational area, Menden is a city with a feel-good character for residents and guests. Get to know the diversity of Menden - we look forward to your visit!

Beleuchtetes Haus in Menden

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City of Menden
Bahnhofstr. 24
58706 Menden

Phone: 02373 - 903 1380
Fax: 02373 - 903 1399
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With a medieval-style Altstadt, Menden offers a variety of interesting sights that are definitely worth a visit. These include, among others, the St. Vincent Church or the Old Town Hall in Art Nouveau style. Both buildings are considered landmarks of the town on the Hönne. With the still recognizable Wallring, its city towers and the partially preserved city wall, there are further impressive insights into the history of Menden.

A shopping trip through the city center is also an experience for the whole family. Surrounded by lovingly restored half-timbered houses in winding alleyways, lively squares and numerous owner-operated specialty stores create a varied atmosphere for young and old. Many town festivals and traditional celebrations such as the Menden Carnival, the Whitsun Fair, spring and autumn markets and last but not least the Menden Summer and Menden à la carte attract more than 500,000 visitors to our town in the course of a year. Menden's nature offers the best conditions for numerous outdoor activities. Due to its location on the RuhrtalRadweg, Menden is the ideal starting point for interesting bike tours through the region.

Places of interest in Menden

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