Herdecke is "the town between the Ruhr lakes". Situated directly on the Ruhr, surrounded by the Hengstey and Harkort lakes, the idyllic little town has an exceptionally high recreational and leisure value. A proud 74 percent of the city area consists of water and forest areas.

Fachwerk in Herdecke

Contact information

City of Herdecke
church square 3
58313 Herdecke

E-mail: touristinfo@herdecke.de
Phone: 02330 / 611212
Fax: 02330 / 61115212
Homepage: http: //www.herdecke.de

Herdecke is the destination and starting point for cycling, hiking or canoeing tours. The beautiful landscape in and around Herdecke is ideal for cyclists, not least because of the lakes and the Ruhr. Herdecke is also well prepared for multi-day tours with bicycle-friendly accommodations. Herdecke also offers many opportunities for hiking with the Jakobsweg, the WestfalenWanderWeg and the Route Industriekultur. With a canoe tour, Herdecke can be explored from the water.

A visit to the city center as well as the historic Altstadt with its unmistakable charm is worthwhile in any case. A guidance system, with which visitors can reach the adjacent Altstadt after only a few meters from the banks of the Ruhr, shows the way through the picturesque Bachviertel and around the 1000-year-old Stiftshügel. Numbered information boards on historic buildings facilitate local historical orientation.

Sights in Herdecke

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