Hattingen an der Ruhr has transformed itself from a former iron and steel site into an attractive location on the edge of the Ruhrgebiet. Today, modernity and the magic of the past shake hands here.

Fahrradfahrer vor der Heinrichshütte

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The romantic Ruhrtal, three castles, the Elfringhauser Schweiz with meadows, creeks, forests, the historic town center below Burg Blankenstein and the famous Hattingen Altstadt have become much visited sights. On the many squares and in the narrow streets of the Altstadt an almost Mediterranean atmosphere spreads in summer. At Christmas time, the romantic, historic Christmas market attracts thousands of visitors. In summer, the Old Town Festival is a magnet in Hattingen's good parlor, and incidentally and always, urban flair and half-timbered romance, strolling and shopping, nature enjoyment and leisure fun, tradition and modernity, on the border between the Rhineland and Westphalia, combine to create the typical charm of Hattingen. All the contrasting variety that makes up the RuhrtalRadweg can be found as an "appetizing concentrate" on the 70 square kilometers of the city of Hattingen.

For example, after visiting the nostalgic Altstadt, how about a trip to the LWL Industrial Museum Heinrichshütte Hattingen? With nine museums, Hattingen boasts an interesting cultural landscape of supra-regional significance, but the rest of the former industrial town also clearly shows: "Hattingen's got it!"

Things to see in Hattingen

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