Wonderfully green is Hagen, the four-river city located between the Sauerland and the Ruhrgebiet. Anyone visiting Hagen for the first time is pleasantly surprised by the uniquely beautiful and distinctive landscape. Hagen is lively and diverse and has much to offer for adventurous bicycle tourists.

Freilichtmuseum in Hagen

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Tourist Information Hagen
Middle street 12
58095 Hagen

E-mail: tourismus@hagen-wirtschaft.de
Phone: 02331 / 8099980
Homepage: www.hagenentdecken.de

The city's location in the midst of nature and the associated title of "greenest major city in North Rhine-Westphalia" contribute to the quality of life, as do a varied and sophisticated cultural life, a wide range of sports, a diverse gastronomy, excellent shopping and recreational opportunities, and numerous events and leisure activities. Hagen's cultural landscape also offers an exciting mix of tradition and modernity. Special attractions are the more than 100-year-old theater, which proudly considers itself a "citizen's theater" to this day, and the Hagen Art Quarter, which combines two important art museums under one roof. Hohenlimburg Castle, the only preserved hilltop castle in Westphalia, which towers like a fairy-tale castle high up on the Schlossberg in the Hohenlimburg district of Hagen, is definitely worth a visit. The Hohenhof, an art nouveau work of art and a true gem, the idyllically situated Wasserschloss Werdringen and the LWL open-air museum for crafts and technology on the southern outskirts of Hagen are also worthwhile destinations.

Things to see in Hagen

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