Not only since Essen's application to become the European Capital of Culture has the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zeche Zollverein been known as the "Eifel Tower of the Ruhrgebiet" far beyond its borders.

Zeche Zollverein

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The visitor mine is not located directly on the Ruhr, but it is always worth a detour. Lake Baldeneysee is located directly on the RuhrtalRadweg in Essen. Nowhere else in their cultural metropolis do city dwellers find such peace and quiet as on the secluded shores of what is by far the largest of the six Ruhr reservoirs. Brand new: Seaside Beach Baldeney offers a few hours of beach vacation with the finest sand, bars, palm trees, a beach volleyball court and much more. Only a few meters away, the excursion ships of the White Fleet stop. An imposing building is Villa Hügel, once the family seat of the Krupp steel dynasty. Its history is told in a permanent exhibition, and there are also changing concerts and exhibitions.

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