Reiseberichte und Erfahrungen verschiedener Radler:innen auf Blogs, in Videos und im TV

RuhrtalRadweg / Der RuhrtalRadweg / Reiseberichte

Here you will find travel reports and experiences of various cyclists. Bloggers, TV stations and private travelers report in the form of text, pictures and video about their tours on the RuhrtalRadweg.

Have fun watching and reading!

WDR "Beautiful!"

The WDR reports about the RuhrtalRadweg. For the popular TV show "Wunderschön!" the presenters Stefan Pinnow and Anne Willmes rode the RuhrtalRadweg and you can see in two parts what they experienced.

Sandra from the RuhrtalRadweg Team

Sandra is responsible for marketing at the RuhrtalRadweg and does the self-test by spending her first cycling vacation on the RuhrtalRadweg.

Jochen and Sandra for WDR Travel

Jochen and Sandra ride the RuhrtalRadweg by e-bike for the program "Hier & Heute" on WDR and test, among other things, how hotels have adapted to cyclists.

WDR 2 Tipp

WDR 2 hat in seiner Rubrik "Raus in den Westen" den RuhrtalRadweg getestet und empfiehlt ihn seitdem als Ausflugs-Tipp.

Narrow paths

Svenja and Tobi cycled the RuhrtalRadweg with a very special companion: as a new family with their three-month-old baby. How a bike trip on the RuhrtalRadweg with a child in a bike trailer can look like, you can read in their blog Schmale Pfade.

Bike tours Gehle

Meggi and Wolfgang are real frequent riders and constantly on a big bike tour. They have accompanied their journey on the RuhrtalRadweg with the camera and show you in eight parts in detail what they have seen along the way and whom they have met.


Christian Beckmann rode the RuhrtalRadweg in three daily stages because he himself comes from the Ruhrgebiet and has therefore already visited many of the sights extensively.


Chris rode the RuhrtalRadweg in two separate stages with some time in between (May and October). So it happened that the second part took place in frosty temperatures.


Yvonne has joined a group and rides the RuhrtalRadweg in four days. On her blog she reports in two parts about her tour.

Moose around the world

Anke and Thorsten travel the RuhrtalRadweg in three stages and show you in their blog the beautiful pictures of their journey with the accompanying lines about what they experienced.

TCS Media

Frank Krewerth and his wife Carola accompanied their RuhrtalRadweg tour with the GoPro. They rode the route with pedelecs in three stages.

Enchanting travel

Sandra and Henning have also joined a group and are riding the RuhrtalRadweg in a four-day guided tour. They show how beastly their trip turned out on their blog.

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