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Your free online portal for more ergonomics on the bike

Especially on a bike trip you spend a lot of time on your bike. It is therefore all the more important that your bike is ergonomically adjusted to your body beforehand.

Radfahrer mit Rückenschmerzen fasst sich an den Rücken

Your bike must fit you ergonomically!

On the new, free online portal shows you how to avoid or reduce back pain, stiff neck, numb hands or fingers while cycling.

Erklärung, welche Schmerzen beim Radfahren auftreten können

Adjust your bike correctly in 15 minutes

The basis for pain-free cycling is always the correct position of the bike - more precisely: the optimal interaction of rider:in and the three contact points handlebar system, saddle and seat post and pedals. makes it very easy for you to find the perfect solution for your type of bike. So that you don't have to read long texts, the site was developed with short explanatory videos that are precisely tailored to your particular type of bike. In just fifteen minutes, almost any bike can be adjusted in five steps and you can cycle more painlessly, efficiently and safely.

Simple, fast and free of charge on the new interactive online portal of the Ergonomics Expert:innen ergotec.

Cycling correctly: How it works

In the video you will be shown how the interactive and free portal around the topic of ergonomics and safety on the bike works.

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