Good Advice Way

Healthy on the road on the KNAPPSCHAFT "Good Advice Trail

RuhrtalRadweg / Der RuhrtalRadweg / Good Advice Way

Healthy on the move in the Ruhrgebiet on the KNAPPSCHAFT "Good Advice Trail

The RuhrtalRadweg - one of Germany's most popular bike paths - is also a health trail. On the "Guter-Rat-Weg" along the route between Witten and Duisburg, cyclists, skaters and pedestrians receive health tips from KNAPPSCHAFT. At selected stations, the health insurance company provides information on large signs about the pollen count, proper drinking or even occupational health care. At some stations, you can even do more for your health on a fitness machine.

Paar trainiert auf Rudergerät auf dem Guter-Rat-Weg

Rowing without getting wet

At Kemnader See in Bochum, for example, there is a rowing trainer. Under the motto "Row a little bit fitter", you can train your back and leg muscles while "dry rowing" - including a wonderful lake panorama. By the way, rowing is one of the healthiest sports of all. In addition to muscle training, rowing also strengthens the cardiovascular system and improves endurance, says KNAPPSCHAFT.

With momentum against the back

If your back is aching, targeted exercise can help. On the banks of the Ruhr in Essen-Steele, active people strengthen their core muscles on a hip trainer while enjoying the view of the greenery. The pedaling motion trains the lower back and the lateral abdominal muscles. A nice bonus: It also benefits the waistline.

Ten health stations on the "Good Advice Trail

More health and fitness stations can be found along the RuhrtalRadweg from Witten to Duisburg. There, cyclists, walkers or skaters can get even more tips: for example, on skin protection, the right sitting posture on the bike or relaxation. As many people as possible, from athletes to young families, should benefit from the tips and active stations of KNAPPSCHAFT.

With around 1.5 million insured, KNAPPSCHAFT is one of the largest health insurance companies in Germany. It combines the protection of health and long-term care insurance with holistic care: In its medical competence network, doctors, clinics, nurses, health and insurance specialists work hand in hand. As a result, insureds receive a wide range of benefits for early detection and prevention - which often go beyond the statutory standard. For more information, visit


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