The Ruhr Valley cycle path is not only very scenic, but also has a lot to offer culturally. The RUHR.TOPCARD optimally combines both. Whether free admission to various museums or relaxed boat tours on the many lakes to the left and right of the Ruhr Valley cycle path, variety and pleasure are guaranteed with this combination.


1. Day Winterberg – Bestwig (ca. 30 km)
The day starts comfortably with a tour from the Ruhr spring downstream through Olsberg to Bestwig. From there you can make a trip to the FORT FUN amusement park, where you will receive a 50% discount on the normal admission price.

2. Day Bestwig – Arnsberg (ca. 33 km)
The next day we continue in the direction of Meschede. Before you start your tour on the Ruhr Valley cycle path, we recommend that you make a detour to the Ramsbeck visitor mine in the Sauerland region, where you can walk up to 300 m below ground. From there you start your bike tour and can treat yourself to a one-hour round trip on the Hennesee in Meschede and enjoy the landscape of the Hennetalsperre. Once back at the starting point, cycle on to Arnsberg, where you have reached your destination for the day and can take a look at the beautiful old town. If you haven't had enough boat trips that day, a trip to Lake Möhne is worthwhile. Let the day end there with a 1-2 hour round trip including coffee and cake or alternatively start the next day with this tour.

3. Day Arnsberg – Hagen (ca. 60 km)
The third and longest stage of the day takes you from Sauerland to the Ruhr metropolis. We start in the historic centre of Arnsberg, which is always worth a visit. After just a few kilometres, the Vosswinkel wild forest awaits you, where you can learn a lot about the forest and its residents. After some zoological education, we will pass Wickede and Fröndenberg and enter the Ruhr metropolis.

4. Day Hagen – Bochum, Hattingen oder Essen (ca. 45 km)
For an exciting and interactive start to the day, we recommend a visit to the Hagen Open Air Museum, Germany's oldest museum of technical history. Just a few kilometres away, the historic RuhrtalBahn (the bike has to be paid for separately) is waiting to take you to Bochum-Dahlhausen. Here, in keeping with your trip on the RuhrtalBahn, we recommend a visit to the railway museum before arriving at today's stage destination Essen. 

Alternatively, you can leave the RuhrtalBahn on the way and be inspired by the beauty of Hattingen with a visit to the Henrichshütte and participation in a one-hour city tour through the historic city centre, or visit Bochum and its German Mining Museum and a boat trip on Lake Kemnade.

5. Day Bochum, Hattingen oder Essen – Duisburg (ca. 40 km)
Whether you start in Bochum, Hattingen or Essen, you will cross the green south of Essen before you reach Mülheim an der Ruhr. Here the Haus Ruhrnatur as well as the Camera Obscura or the Aquarius Water Museum are worth a visit. For the adventurer, a rowing tour through the Ruhr Valley on a Viking ship "MüWi" is exactly the right thing (50%). On the rest of the way to Duisburg,  Oberhausen with its Gasometer and the SEA LIFE (50%) is also a welcome stopover before the tour ends in Duisburg. If your shopping needs have been neglected so far, you have the opportunity to do some retail damage at  CentrO and buy a few Ruhr Area souvenirs before you leave. The rest of the route takes you to Duisburg, where you can take a harbour tour in Duisburg Harbour or you can take a round trip through the Landschaftspark-Nord and get some sun before departure.

General information:

- You can find the right accommodation for you and more detailed information on the Ruhr Valley cycle path in our tour guide with host directory or online.

- With the RUHR.TOPCARD, all sights and activities mentioned can be visited once free of charge for each RUHR.TOPCARD holder, unless otherwise stated.

- Please inquire about the opening hours and any registration requirements before starting the tour. Not all sights and activities are open daily and can be visited without prior notice.

- Of course, in addition to the possibilities mentioned above, there are numerous other sights, swimming pools, zoos etc. which you can visit with the RUHR.TOPCARD once free of charge or with a 50% discount. You can find more information at  or call our hotline: 01806-1816180 (0,20 €/call from German landline, max. 0,60 €/call from mobile network).

- Another highlight in the Ruhr metropolis is Extraschicht on 27 june 2020 (50% discount), which you can also experience by bike on the Ruhr Valley cycle path. For more information, go to