Free downloads

Simply download the print products and the GPS track.

The first information flyer - RuhrtalRadweg compact including a large outline map (in german):

 RuhrtalRadweg Übersichtskarte 2020  (pdf - 3,57 MB)

Or leaf through the first information flyer RuhrtalRadweg compact HERE online.

The RuhrtalRadweg Tourguide 2020 with accommodation list (in german):

 RuhrtalRadweg Tourguide 2020  (pdf - 15,51 MB)

Or browse the RuhrtalRadweg tour guide HERE online.

The RadReisekatalog 2020 with package deals at the RuhrtalRadweg (in german):

 RuhrtalRadweg RadReisekatalog 2020  (pdf - 4,97 MB)

Der aktuelle GPS-Track:

 RuhrtalRadweg 2020  (octet-stream - 664,75 kB)

The documentation for the 10th anniversary of the Ruhr Valley Cycle Route:

 RuhrtalRadweg Dokumentation 10 Jahre  (pdf - 11,45 MB)

You are also welcome to browse the documentation online.