Inspired by the Ruhr river and nature, the teachings of the vicar Kneipp soon found their way here. At any rate, Olsberg is a holiday destination for young and old which is dominated by the course of the Ruhr.

In this region, with its many waterways and healthy forest air, hiking and relaxation play an important role. There are more than 50 hills and mountains in the area around the town, including the Langenberg, which at 843 m above sea level is the highest mountain in North Rhine-Westphalia. Due to the differences in height of up to 530 m, the mountains and valleys in the Olsberg region look particularly impressive and frequently offer incredible views.

“Walking. Water. Wellbeing” is the motto of the 39 km-long Kneipp hiking path, which is unique in this form, with its six natural water treading stations. The annual Kneipp health week, the AquaOlsberg with its Kneipp box and large sauna garden and the spa park characterise the philosophy and tradition of the Kneipp culture in Olsberg.

However, Olsberg has quite a lot to offer when it comes to history and culture. An impressive collection of castles and palaces is a reminder of the Cologne electoral princes, who came here centuries ago to hunt. Even at that time, accommodation was of a high quality. Today, visitors can enjoy typical Sauerland hospitality behind the many pretty facades of the houses. Experiencing also means relaxation. So it is that the impressive Bruchhauser Steine rocks, the all-weather toboggan track, the AquaOlsberg or the Aslan regeneration therapy have become bywords for relaxation in Olsberg.

Assinghausen rose village

freely accessible / always open

Since 1998, Assinghausen has been gripped by a fascination with roses. The beautiful roses everywhere give the village its picturesque feel. Bundesgolddorf (1989) and Rosendorf (2007) – or “Federal gold village” and “Rose village” are two names that Assinghausen can rightly claim for itself.


AquaOlsberg - the Sauerland thermal spa

With two thermal salt water pools, a leisure pool, an open-air pool, a “Kneipp box”, forest sauna, steam bath, massages and wellness showers, a day at the AquaOlsberg is an experience for all the senses.





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