For the people of the Sauerland region it is the metropolis, for the neighbouring Ruhr Area it is the relaxing forest town on their doorstep. Between Ruhr Valley and Lenne, between river meadows and low mountain ranges there is a rich landscape. Iserlohn, the largest city in the Sauerland region, which ideally combines urban life and nature.

So it surely comes as no surprise that the "Waldstadt" [Forest Street] is also the starting point of the Sauerland Waldroute [Sauerland Forest route] and that the Drahthandelsweg takes hikers from here via Altena to Lüdenscheid. The new Ruhr-Lenne-Achter opens up the city for cyclists – with a railway connection. Take a relaxing walk around Seiler Lake – after dusk the area is even illuminated – or alternatively attend a gripping high-power event here attending one of the matches of the ice hockey league. As a sympathetic underdog it is as charming as the entire city is. The historical factory Maste-Barendorf is for friends of industrial heritage the "needle of the world". In Dechen Cave with the German Cave Museum, brand-new LEDs beautifully illuminate the spectacular stalactite backdrop. Today buy some vegetables straight from the farm, tomorrow take an exciting shopping trip in the city. Just beautiful. Lovingly maintained half-timbered houses and Wilhelminian-style facades everywhere. Universities included. You hear the applause of the Park Theatre behind you, the sound of the city forest, and the scent of coffee of the shopping mile – welcome to Iserlohn!

Stadtführungen Iserlohn

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Seilersee - Callerbachtalsperre

freely accessible / always open

The Callerbach dam, also called Seiler Lake, is one of the ten dams in the Märkisch district and offers recreational fun for young and old alike. As a local recreation area, the surrounding area offers rowing, pedal boating, mini-golf, swimming in the newly built sports and brine pool or in the outdoor pool Schleddenhof as well as ice skating fun at in the ice rink. Many people come here to take walks on it well-kept paths around the lake or a short hike to the Bismarck Tower. The leisure offer is rounded off by tennis courts, a sports field and a half pipe. In addition, 200 km of hiking trails are available in the city forest!


Dechenhöhle und Deutsches Höhlenmuseum Iserlohn

A visit to the Dechen Cave and the German Cave Museum Iserlohn is truly worthwhile. Discovered by railway workers in 1868, the Dechenhöhle in Iserlohn-Letmathe has attracted more than 14 million visitors to date. It is famous for its extraordinary stalactites and its prehistoric animal finds. Stalagmites and stalactites, wafer-thin stone curtains, stalactite columns and glittering crystals in clear water basins accompany you on your way.


Stadtmuseum Iserlohn

How does "history at your fingertips" work? The Stadtmuseum Iserlohn answers this question with a question that runs through the entire exhibition: What have the people of Iserlohn been doing all this time? The result is a route in which visitors encounter various living conditions and at the same time actively learn to "understand" them.


Barendorf - historische Fabrikanlage Maste-Barendorf

Greenfield start-ups are a modern-day invention? The historical factory Maste-Barendorf proves just the opposite. The first brass rolling mill was built here as early as 1822, followed years later by a wire drawing mill, an iron foundry and various forging shops. What today looks like a contemplative half-timbered village in reality was a strategically planned plant establishment.





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