Stage towns

23 villages in the Sauerland and Ruhr Area are waiting for you!


The year has 365 days - and there are just as many reasons to visit Winterberg. Because here is always season. You can look forward to countless sports opportunities and a fabulous nature that has many faces around our holiday region.


Inspired by the Ruhr river and nature, the teachings of the vicar Kneipp soon found their way here. At any rate, Olsberg is a holiday destination for young and old which is dominated by the course of the Ruhr.


In the picturesque Ruhrtal valley lies the community of Bestwig, which has two very important public attractions in Sauerland to offer.


Discover the vibrant regional administration and university town of Meschede! From hours spent relaxing on the Hennesee lake to the easygoing hustle and bustle in the pedestrian zone: Meschede combines all of these.


The town of Arnsberg offers variety and proximity to nature in a beautiful landscape with a large number of forested areas. The historic town centre can be seen from far away on a mountain ridge. Romantic winding passages and the ruins of an electoral prince’s castle form the medieval centre.


The Chainsmith Museum on the Ruhr Valley cycle path [Kettenschmiedemuseum am RuhrtalRadweg] shows how the enormous steel "binding agents" were once made by hand. But also the varied landscape, interesting sights to see and a varied cultural program invite you to linger in the "city with a view".


For the people of the Sauerland region it is the metropolis, for the neighbouring Ruhr Area it is the relaxing forest town on their doorstep. Between Ruhr Valley and Lenne, between river meadows and low mountain ranges there is a rich landscape. Iserlohn, the largest city in the Sauerland region, which ideally combines urban life and nature.


Holzwickede lies on the edge of the eastern Ruhr Area between the cities of Dortmund and Unna. This is where the Emscher River originates, today symbolic of the structural change in the Ruhr Area.


Schwerte, the old Westphalian Hanseatic city in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia, is increasingly developing into a popular destination for adventure and recreation seekers and offers weekend travellers and short holidaymakers in particular attractive cultural and sporting leisure opportunities.


With nearly 600,000 inhabitants, Dortmund is by far the largest city in the Ruhr metropolis, yet it is no urban wasteland!


Hagen, the "city of four rivers" the Sauerland and Ruhr regions, is a wonderful green city. Whoever visits Hagen for the first time is pleasantly surprised by the uniquely beautiful and unmistakable landscape. Hagen is lively and varied and has a lot to offer for adventurous cyclists.


Herdecke is known as "the city between the Ruhr lakes". Located directly on the Ruhr river, surrounded by Lake Hengstey and Lake Harkort, the idyllic little town has an exceptionally high recreational value. A whopping 74 percent of the urban area consists of water and forest areas.

Wetter (Ruhr)

The Ruhr Area is most beautiful in Wetter: Plenty of forests and green areas for leisure and recreation. If you are travelling on the Ruhr Valley cycle path, treat yourself to a little siesta on the attractive lake square, relax a while on the wooden benches and enjoy the view of Lake Harkort.


With irs population of around 95,000 residents, Witten is the largest city in the Ennepe-Ruhr district on the south-eastern edge of the Ruhr Area. The wooded hills of the Ardey Mountains as well as the Ruhr with its gentle floodplain landscape and the dammed Kemnader Lake characterise the landscape of the city, which is rich in contrasts.


Nowhere else can the character of the Ruhr Area be experienced as vividly as in the city of Bochum. The visible industrial past, the ongoings of a pulsating metropolis and the important position as a city dedicated to theatre and trends is all around.