"Guter-Rat-Weg" of KNAPPSCHAFT

Healthy through the Ruhr Area on the "Guter-Rat-Weg" of KNAPPSCHAFT

The Ruhr Valley cycle path – one of the most popular German cycle paths – is now also a health route. On the "Guter-Rat-Weg" along the stretch between Witten and

Rowing machine am Kemnader See - © Oliver Blobel

Duisburg cyclists, skaters and pedestrians receive health tips from the KNAPPSCHAFT health insurance company. At selected stations, the miners' guild uses large signs to provide information on pollen flight, proper drinking habits or how to deal with the dangerous hogweed. At some stations, cycle path users can also do even more for their health  by using fitness equipment.

More fitness, step by step

For example, there is a rowing trainer at Kemnader Lake in Bochum. Under the motto "More fitness, step by step" you can make use of fitness equipment with a view of the lake and train your back and leg muscles while "dry rowing". By the way, rowing is one of the healthiest sports of all. In addition to muscle training, rowing also strengthens the cardiovascular system and improves endurance, according to KNAPPSCHAFT. With regular training, the positive effect of exercising soon becomes noticeable in everyday life.

Just look, don't touch.

In Witten at the royal lockkeeper's house opposite the Hardenstein ruin, KNAPPSCHAFT informs about the dangers of the hogweed and provides tips on what to do if you have come into contact with the plant. The impressive plant cannot be overlooked on the meadows around the station. However, you should avoid touching it, as it can lead to unpleasant itching, reddening of the skin and even burns. Hogweed contains a toxin which, in combination with sunlight, leads to skin inflammations. If the skin still comes into contact with the plant, wash off the sap with soap and water and protect the affected areas from sunlight.

Ten health stations on the "Guter-Rat-Weg" (Good Council Path) 

Further health and fitness stations can be found along the Ruhr Valley cycle path from Witten to Duisburg. Cyclists, walkers and skaters can get further tips on skin protection, strengthening back muscles and relaxation. With the "Good Council Path", KNAPPSCHAFT is further expanding its commitment to health promotion and prevention. As many people as possible, from athletes to young families, should benefit from the tips and activity stations.

With around 1.6 million insured persons, KNAPPSCHAFT is one of the largest health insurance funds in Germany and is freely selectable for all. It belongs to the network system of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See. KNAPPSCHAFT provides a variety of services for early detection and prevention - many additional offers go beyond the standards of the statutory health insurance. Further information can be found at www.knappschaft.de

GuterRatWeg Rudergerät
Rudergerät am Kemnader See - © Oliver Blobel
GuterRatWeg Witten Radfahrer
Gesundheitsstation in Witten - © Oliver Blobel