Distance instruction

It may be difficult for people with mobile disabilities in the following places :

  • Due to difficult soil conditions, the route from KM 2.5 to the Ruhrquellenhütte is not recommended
  • Between KM 5 and KM 10 a barrier-free passage is not guaranteed due to the unpaved ground, especially wet weather can cause problems
  • At Haus Wildenstein KM 12, great care should be taken when crossing the country road!
  • The route section on the Alten Landstraße is not recommended for less exeriences cyclists
  • The constriction in the area, where the Neger and the Ruhr are flowing together at KM 19, is problematic for racing wheelchairs
  • The bridge at KM68 is very steep, please descend, if possible
  • Wickeder Straße in Wickede KM 96, bicylcle traffic in both directions on one side of the road
  • At the Haus Ruhr (schwerte) slow and careful driving is appropriate
  • The railway underpass near the Henriette-Davidis Museum is still being tested to ensure barrier-free access for all
  • AT KM 145 please use the flood bypass
  • Access to the Ruhrtal ferry Hardenstein is problematic
  • Along the Kemnader See, from KM 155, the bike path is ver narrow, so please drive slowly
  • The route section behin the Kemnader See, from KM 158, is also quite narrow and requires slow driving
  • The curves at KM 166, Bochumer Straße / Wuppertaler Straße are narrow, but passable
  • In the area Überruhrinsel the path is also inclined to the shore and narrow
  • The steep bridge at the Red Mill can be problematic for inexperienced drivers
  • In the are Kettwig the road is a bit sandy and bumpy
  • The last few kilometers of the road can be difficult for less experienced drivers