Herdecke is known as "the city between the Ruhr lakes". Located directly on the Ruhr river, surrounded by Lake Hengstey and Lake Harkort, the idyllic little town has an exceptionally high recreational value. A whopping 74 percent of the urban area consists of water and forest areas.

Herdecke is a destination and starting point for cycling, hiking and canoeing tours. The beautiful landscape in Herdecke itself and its environs is ideal for cyclists, not least because of the lakes and the Ruhr river. Herdecke is also well prepared for multi-day tours with bicycle-friendly accommodation. Herdecke also offers many opportunities for hiking with the Jakobsweg, the WestfalenWanderWeg and the Route of Industrial Heritage. Herdecke can be explored by water with a canoe tour.

A visit to the city centre and the historic city centre with its unmistakable charm is definitely also a trip worth taking. A guidance system, with which visitors can reach the adjoining historic city centre after a few metres from the banks of the Ruhr, points the way through the picturesque Bach quarter and around the 1,000 year old Stiftshügel. Numbered information boards on historical buildings make it easy for visitors to find the historic sights.


Industrial culture at its best



Lake Harkort begins about 2 km west of the confluence of the Volme and the Ruhr, and extends to the west.


Altstadt Herdecke

Herdecke's location along the Ruhr rover between Hengstey lake and Harkort lake is certainly a privilege, which is also reflected in the city itself: the historic city centre with its pretty half-timbered houses is quaint and beautiful.


Werner Richard - Dr. Carl Dörken Stiftung - KUNSTPAUSE

The Werner Richard - Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation in Herdecke aims to promote culture, support commitment and preserve values.

NRW Culture Minister Ute Schäfer called the foundation a "jewel for the region" during her visit.
In addition to the emphasis on music and musical education, the fields of sport, education, science, social affairs and monument protection in Westphalia are also supported.
The Werner Richard - Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation also annually awards music scholarships to exceptional young talents. Regular classical, jazz and world music concert series are held in the Werner Richard Hall of the Foundation, such as 'Masters of Tomorrow', 'Best of NRW' and 'Masters from all over the World'. WDR often uses the excellent acoustics for recordings.

The art sponsorship area (Dr. Carl Dörken Galerie) includes the museum's own collection, which deals with the phenomenon of colour. Works from the 'Colour as Colour' collection are made available to museums on permanent loan. In a second funding line, the Foundation purchases works by young artists to enable them to take part in exhibitions, catalogues or to study.





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