Hattingen has evolved from a former steel mill and steel location to an attractive location on the edges of the Ruhr Area. Today, this is where modernity and the magic of the past meet.

The romantic Ruhr Valley, three castles, the Elfringhauser Switzerland with meadows, streams, forests, the historical centre below Blankenstein Castle and the famous historic centre of Hattingen have developed into very popular sights. A Mediterranean atmosphere can be felt during the summer at the many squares and in the narrow alleys of the historic centre. At Christmas time, the romantic, historic Christmas market attracts thousands of visitors. In summer, the Old Town Festival is extremely popular and, Hattingen always combines urban flair and half-timbered romanticism, strolling and shopping, nature enjoyment and leisure fun, tradition and modernity, on the border between Rhineland and Westphalia are part of the typical charm of Hattingen. All the contrasting diversity that makes up the Ruhr Valley cycle path is consolidated on the 70 square kilometres of the city of Hattingen.

How about after a visit to the nostalgic historic city centre with a trip to the LWL Industrial Museum Heinrichshütte Hattingen? With its nine museums, Hattingen has an interesting cultural landscape of supra-regional significance, but the rest of the former industrial city quite clearly shows: "Hattingen has it all!"

Burg Blankenstein - einst Krone des Märkischen Landes

Blankenstein Castle in Hattingen-Blankenstein was one of the four main castles of the Counts of Mark.


LWL-Industriemuseum Henrichshütte

Henrichshütte was founded in Hattingen in 1854 and in its heyday more than 10,000 people made their livings in ore and coal mining as well as in the production and processing of iron and steel. The show foundry and the regular night shifts that take place there are truly special highlights. There are also special offers for children and changing exhibitions.


Bügeleisenhaus in Hattingen

Cloth makers lived and worked in the Hattinger iron house between 1771 and 1856.


Altstadt Hattingen

In Hattingen, you can truly sense the flair of the tow's historic centre with its small winding alleys and lovingly restored half-timbered houses.


Wasserburg Haus Kemnade

Close to the Ruhr, at the very edge of Hattingen-Blankenstein, is the moated castle "Haus Kemnade".


Ruine Isenburg

In the west of Hattingen, toweing high above the Ruhr river lie the remains of this once so proud castle. The ruins themselves, however, refer to the history that has taken place here, the consequences of which have been of great political significance.





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