With the Rhine and Ruhr rivers right on our doorstep, two strong rivers flow through Duisburg. Many influences come together here. Ruhr flair mixes with the relaxed atmosphere of the Lower Rhine. Between industrial culture and modern architecture, you experience culture, leisure and history all in one.

The city centre with its shopping opportunities and the Duisburg inner harbour are witnesses of the region's successful structural change. As a cultural mile, it is one of the city's top excursion destinations. Plenty of restaurants and bars invite you to linger.

The Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park is an absolute must-see for visitors. On the 180 hectare premises of the former steelworks there is plenty of room for recreation, adventure and culture. At night, it shines with Jonathan Park's light installation in bright and vivid colours.

Duisburg's museums are also a sight worth seeing. The Lehmbruck Museum exhibits German as well as international sculptures. The MKM Museum Küppersmühle houses works by renowned artists such as Jörg Immendorf and Anselm Kiefer. The highlight of the Cultural and City History Museum is the Gerhard Mercator Treasury and the Inland Navigation Museum is all about life on board.

Duisburg – a city of exciting contrasts! Whether the Duisburg Zoo, the local recreation area Six Lakes Plateau or a harbour tour in the world's largest inland port - Once you arrive at the destination of the Ruhr Valley cycle path, the variety of experiences is far from over.

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

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The Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park is one of the absolute highlights of the region.


Museum der Deutschen Binnenschiffahrt

The Museum der Deutschen Binnenschiffahrt Duisburg (Duisburg Museum of Inland Navigation) offers interesting insights into the history of shipping.



A worldwide unique collection of modern sculpture awaits you in the LehmbruckMuseum.


Tiger & Turtle - Magic Mountain

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Tiger & Turtle is the unique landmark on the Heinrich-Hildebrand-Höhe in the south of Duisburg.





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