Mountaincarts Winterberg

A mountaincart is a downhill cart for use with lifts, which offers a high level of fun thanks to its unusual chassis.


The specially designed route is 300 m long and was specially built for mountaincart riding during the summer.
Currently, the mountaincart facility in the Ruhrquelle skiing area is the only one north of Bavaria.
From 2017 onwards, 20 mountaincarts will be available for riding for families and groups.

High priority was given to safety when the mountaincarts were built:

  • A low centre of gravity and a broad wheelbase for high driving stability
  • Unique hydraulic disc brakes (dual circuit brake system) for a high level of safety even on long, steep paths
  • Ergonomic seating position for pure, relaxed driving fun
  • High-quality aluminium construction for easy handling; easy to pull uphill

Experience the fun ofmountaincartriding for yourself.

Opening hours and further information:

1 ride3,00 €
5 rides13,00 €
10 rides23,00 €
25 rides55,00 €
50 rides100,00 €

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Mountaincarts Winterberg

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