MS "Schwalbe" auf der Ruhr in Witten

Excursion boat trip to Lake Kemnade


From the Uferstraße in Witten-Bommern you get to the final pier of the MS "Schwalbe". From here, the popular excursion ship calmly meanders down to Lake Kemnader. During the one-hour trip to the final stop "Freizeitbad Heveney", not only do you see the beauty of the Ruhr Valley from a different perspective, but you can also relax and have a nice cup of coffee and some cake.

The three piers between the end points each offer wonderful sight worth visiting: the industrial museum "Zeche Nachtigall", the castle ruin Hardenstein and the house Herbede. By the way: A limited number of bicycles can also be transported on the MS "Schwalbe".

Erwachsene Rundfahrt9,00 €
Erwachsene einfache Fahrt5,00 €
Kinder (4-14 Jahre) Rundfahrt4,00 €
Kinder (4-14 Jahre) einfache Fahrt2,50 €
Familienkarte Rundfahrt19,00 €jedes weitere Kind 2,50 €
Familienkarte einfache Fahrt10,00 €jedes weitere Kind 1,50 €



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