ASTENKICK is the second-longest mega zipline in Europe: a double-rope slide, in which you can fly down into the valley alone or in twos at speeds of over 70 km/h!


Anything is possible here - but not boredom. An unforgettable experience, unique euphoria at high altitude of over 1,000 meters, breathtaking adventures in the natural landscape of the Sauerland region. For those who aim high, daredevils and anyone who’s seen and done it all.

Climb up to the starting tower. Look down. HEAR YOUR HEART POUNDING.

And FLY! Laughing, pure joy in your whole body. An unforgettable feeling!

It has been possible to experience all this since August 2018, with your eyes wide open and the wind rushing towards you.

  • Regular flight, adult, lying: €32
  • Regular flight, adult, sitting: €30
  • Combined ticket, adult 1 x sitting + 1 x lying: €58
  • Children’s flight (40 kg and over) up to age 14, sitting/lying: €28
  • Family rate (2 adults/2 children up to age 14 - sitting/lying): €110
  • Group prices from 10 adults: On request



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