LWL-Industriemuseum Zeche Nachtigall und Bergbaurundwanderweg Muttental

You can experience 450 years of mining history at the local recreation area Wittener Muttental. Over 30 stations on foot or with the museum railway depict a vivid picture of the origins of mining. These include the LWL Industrial Museum, the visitor gallery, the mine and light railway museum as well as the former miners' prayer house.


The Muttental Mountain hiking trail also comes highly recommended. Anyone strolling through the wooded idyll of the tranquil valley of the Ruhr is the first to perceive "nature at its purest" and extensively used cultural landscape: lush meadows grazed by cows, crossed by a stream, the Mutte, and mixed forest areas. At second glance, however, one discovers a wide variety of references to Ruhr mining, which began here some 450 years ago: Stollenmundlöcher, an old half-timbered house - which was once the colliery's operating building - and much more. More than 30 relics from the early days of mining can be seen here along the 9 km long circular route. Here, where the coal could be mined very close to the surface, are thus the true origins of the Ruhr Area. And it is also the cradle of industrial heritage.
The grounds of the Nachtigall colliery also boast a wonderful culinary offering. The coffee garden 'Auf Nachtigall' offers museum visitors, hikers and cyclists a selection of homemade cakes. In addition, stews or, depending on the weather, grill specialities are also on the menu.

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LWL-Industriemuseum Zeche Nachtigall und Bergbaurundwanderweg Muttental

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