LWL-Industriemuseum Henrichshütte

Henrichshütte was founded in Hattingen in 1854 and in its heyday more than 10,000 people made their livings in ore and coal mining as well as in the production and processing of iron and steel. The show foundry and the regular night shifts that take place there are truly special highlights. There are also special offers for children and changing exhibitions.


Today, museum visitors can follow the "Path of Iron" on one of the three circular paths across the 50,000 square metre site during a tour of Henrichshütte. The three circular paths are dedicated to the topics of iron/steel, ecology and the "Rat's Path" for the little guests among us. Guides explain the history of the works. The ore and coal bunker, the machine house, the blast furnace and the casting hall are all part of the tour and are vividly explained using photos, texts, films and tape recordings. You can also pay a visit to the oldest blast furnace in the Ruhr Area. The blast furnace can be accessed via the stairt.

Erwachsene4,00 €
Kinder u. Jugendliche von 6-17 Jahren und Schüler1,50 €
Ermäßigt2,50 €
Familien-Tageskarte9,00 €

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LWL-Industriemuseum Henrichshütte

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