LWL-Freilichtmuseum Hagen

More than 60 buildings and half-timbered houses with historical workshops and manufactories are situated on an area of 43 hectares, ranging from rural and small-town craft businesses to the beginnings of industrialisation. The old machines and devices are not just there to be seen, but visitors can experience age-old handicrafts "live".


The concept is unmistakable: It is the only open-air museum in Europe dedicated exclusively to the history of craftsmanship and technology. The spectrum of historical operations ranges from metal processing to food production. How to forge nails or scythes, roll cigars, roast coffee, press oil, carve spoons or strike ropes is not only explained in the charming and spacious Mäckingerbachtal, but also demonstrated daily in many workshops, where visitors can experience the historical working techniques up close. This way, unknown or forgotten techniques and working conditions can be seen and understood. There is a lot of activity everywhere.

The museum shows moments in the history of craftsmanship and technology in Westphalia and Lippe from the end of the 18th to the 20th century. Hagen's LWL Open-Air Museum is an anchor point on the Valley Route of the European Route of Industrial Heritage and an attraction of WasserEisenLand.

The LWL Open Air Museum Hagen is open from 1 April to 31 October, Tuesday to Sunday and on all public holidays. Contact: www.lwl-freilichtmuseum-hagen.de

Foto 4: Mehner, Foto 5: Ines Walter2012

Kinder, Jugendliche (bis einschl. 17 Jahre), Schüler im Rahmen eines museumspädagogischen Programms1,60 €Kinder unter 6 Jahren frei
Kinder, Jugendliche (bis einschl. 17 Jahre), Schüler 2,00 €
Erwachsene7,00 €
Gruppen ab 16 Personen (Erwachsene)5,50 €
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Familientageskarte15,00 €

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LWL-Freilichtmuseum Hagen

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