Youth hostel

Perfect for groups: the diversity of the Ruhr Valley Cycle Route can not be experienced alone or in pairs, but is also attractive for larger groups and families. The youth hostels along the route have been ideally adapted to their needs.

Delicious food, lots of service and a charming environment: The German Youth Hostel Factory (DJH) presents itself with numerous locations along the route. Winterberg, Hagen, Essen and Duisburg are home to four youth hostels in the immediate vicinity of the RuhrtalRadweg, all of which carry the ADFC Bett + Bike certificate. In addition, the DJH offers other attractive accommodation alternatives, which can be easily reached by a variety of detours by bike (youth hostels in Brilon, Rüthen, Möhnesee, Dortmund or Bochum). They offer u.a. special equipment highlights and programs not only for cycling groups only, but also for families, couples and solo travelers. The youth hostels have the right bed for every guest on offer: the repertoire ranges from differently sized shared rooms for three to eight people to family rooms with box spring beds and a private bathroom as well as single rooms. Action in the sporting breaks is just as possible as social get-togethers: The outdoor areas of the youth hostels with playgrounds, beach volleyball courts or campfire sites are characterized by a wide range for every taste.

Further information about the youth hostels can be found on the websites of the DJH Landesverband Westfalen-Lippe and Rheinland:

You can also download information material or brochures on cycling holidays in youth hostels ("Routes for cyclists" or "Cycling in the Rhineland")