GeoRadroute Ruhr-Eder

The GeoRadroute Ruhr-Eder connects the Sauerland with the Waldecker Land on a route of 210 kilometres.

The GeoRadroute Ruhr-Eder and the RuhrtalRadweg run parallel between Winterberg and Olsberg.

Here, you will experience the regions in a special way: On the one hand in the valleys of the Ruhr and Eder, on the other hand many kilometres along the former railway lines. At Lake Eder, one of the largest reservoirs in Germany awaits you. The route also takes you on a journey through the Geopark GrenzWelten. You can expect exciting insights into the history of the earth and the development of the landscape. We invite you to discover the geological, historical and cultural development on the eastern edge of the Rothaar Mountains by bicycle. Learn to recognise and understand natural and cultural landscapes. You can find more information at:

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