The nearly 70 km long circuit on the border between Sauerland and the Ruhr metropolis and the perfect connection to Menden and Iserlohn.

Ruhr-Lenne-Achter stands for a varied tour, during which you can experience the scenic attractions and industrial history of the northern Sauerland and the Ruhr metropolis. You predominantly  travel on railway lines or along rivers with low gradients. The route can be divided into two smaller ones. The signposted course offers you a lot: nice city centres, cafés and restaurants invite you to take a relaxing break. For example, visit the Dechen cave along the route, the blacksmith museum or experience the two rivers up close on a canoe tour.

You can start at the Ruhr-Lenne-Achter from any point on the route, as it is of course a circuit that takes you back to the starting point. There are railway stations in Iserlohn, Menden, Fröndenberg, Hozwickede, Schwerte, Hohenlimburg and Letmathe. Tip: The Ruhr-Lenne-Achter route has only a notable gradient, from Letmathe up to Iserlohn. Those who arrive in Iserlohn by train and get back on the train in Letmathe do not have to surmount this ascent.

Of course, the Ruhr-Lenne-Achter routeis also the perfect connection from the RuhrValley cycle path to Menden, Iserlohn and Hagen.